Alejandra Arias Sevilla (She/her) is an interdisciplinary artist and community printmaker in Portland, Oregon. She deconstructs the intersection of language, domestic spaces, and personal history. These are rooted in the storytelling of her grandmothers, her childhood in Mexico and her experience as a mexican woman in the United States. She engages in an active process of memory to examine the language that knits her identity.

As part of her ethos, Alejandra collaborates with Portland-based community groups to engender action and empathy through art building. She has participated with Don’t Shoot Portland in printmaking events as a form of sharing knowledge and storytelling. In 2018, she collaborated with artists, translators, and business owners to celebrate the first Dia de Los Muertos at the Portland Art Museum. Her work has been shown with Nat Turner Project, Black Fish Gallery and Converge 45.